Drill stem and well test data from surface readout instruments, mechanical gauges, memory gauges, or any combination of these can be acquired, analyzed, processed and displayed at the well site using a recently developed interactive system.

Data acquired from one or more of the sources is stored on disc, from which it can be used to produce any known conventional plot while the data is being analyzed. In the case of surface readout operations, analysis can be conducted during data collection, and an operator can interact directly with the computer to perform the analysis. Conventional, pressure derivative, and non-linear regression analysis techniques are provided. One microcomputer, printer, plotter, and appropriate data acquisition interface comprise the hardware of the system. Training requirements are minimal due to simplicity of software, hardware, and procedure.

Decisions regarding the well can be made on the rig floor, based on complete information available from the system. Time required to acquire data from memory gauges is reduced to a few minutes, so that analysis from these sources can also be made at the well site.

Subject paper presents conceptual and operational details of the system and explains its application in a variety of field conditions. Buildups, drawdowns and surge tests have been conducted on the Gulf Coast, the North Sea and other locations around the world using this data acquisition system. Several techniques of analysis are demonstrated, based on data collected on actual jobs. Plots available from the system are presented.

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