This paper presents a system modeling program, designed for use on a microcomputer, which calculates steady-state pressures and flowrates for a single-phase gas or water system. The program can model flow through 1) well completions using IPR formulas; 2) flow lines (inclined, vertical, or horizontal); 3) fixed orifice chokes; 4) and single- or multi-stage reciprocating compressors. The program uses nodes to identify pressures and node connecting elements to identify flowrates and determine which type of element that is being modeled.

The program determines unknown pressures by either sequential or simultaneous methods. In the sequential method the program analyzes each node connecting element individually. The simultaneous solution creates a matrix containing flow balance equations from each node in the system. Next, the program solves this matrix simultaneously to determine values for the unknown pressures and flowrates. The purpose of this paper is to explain the logic of the modeling program and demonstrate its applicability in a microcomputer environment using examples.

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