In planning for the production of oil and/or gas from the reservoir that consist of some form of sandstone matrix, consideration must be given as to whether a given well will remain sand-free during its productive life or if failure is to be expected. If failure is forseen, the prediction of the time of failure will allow a timely decision on selecting a suitable sand exclusion technique to be applied hence avoiding costly remedial treatment.

A prediction model was developed on a microcomputer to predict sand stability in a friable sandstone formation from stress-strain analyses around a perforated wellbore. Failure or instability of the formation around the wellbore was studies in terms of a failure initiation (initial failure).

Application of the model present here in includes the modes of failure around the wellbore, the prediction of the maximum allowable sand free production rate for a give well condition and sensitivity analyses of the factors controlling the production of sand from friable formations.

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