Microcomputers are becoming more prevalent on drilling rigs as a means of monitoring drilling parameters and doing repetitive calculations. Until recently, little, if any software was dictated to drilling mud property analysis that could easily be run on a personal computer on the rig.

A database has been developed that uses an inexpensive commercial software package allowing the user at the rig to input the daily mud properties and treatments. The software package allows the user to design the database to meet any particular situation that he requires. After he has made all of the inputs, all necessary calculations are then performed and a daily drilling mud report can be generated. Along with this package is the ability to instantly produce a graph of any set of properties or calculated values and view this either on the screen or on a printer. Trend lines for a certain property can be established and divergence from this trend line can quickly be noted. Adjustments in mud treatments could then be initiated.

Drilling fluid post well audits and recaps can now be generated as soon as the well is completed as all of the information is stored in the database. In this manner, the mud engineer enters the data at the rig and then this data can be sent to any location by modem or by floppy disk. This alleviates hand written reports that will have to be retyped by a secretary. The information only has to be entered once.

This system has been tested on several field jobs at the present with good results. Also, the program is user friendly and no intensive operator training is required. Input of data is very efficient and can be done in less than 15 minutes. A total drilling mud history for a well can easily be stored on a floppy disk and recalled for any post well analysis or future planning.

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