This paper presents a model for the economic assessment of the balanced secondary recovery of infill drilling. The optimum production rate will be reached when further increase in production rate by increasing the number of wells will no longer contribute to the measures of profitability values. The assessment relies on a developed recovery-process model for reasonable and accurate projections of the production profiles of different well densities that will be the basis of financial evaluations. This model, which was designed for microcomputer solution, may be separated into two distinct parts. The first part permits the analytical prediction of the production rate profile based on recovery efficiency, which is dependent on drilling density, equipment capacity, and reservoir capacity. The second part of the model is an economic analysis of the production profile. Revenues from production and oil price profiles are combined with costs to yield a net cash flow. The net cash flow is then discounted and it results in three measures of profitability values. A sample example has been worked out. The program Listing in FORTRAN IV language can be made available for potential users.

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