The advent of small and portable microcomputers provides interesting new possibilities for the acquisition and analysis of well test data. In particular, there is a considerable saving in time if the data is transferred directly (or remotely using a modem link) to the computer for scaling, filtering and plotting. In addition, since present day microcomputers have considerable processing power, it is possible to perform all of the interpretation using the same portable microcomputer.

The advantages of doing this are several. Computerized analysis using automated techniques can provide good estimates from much shorter test data than is required for standard graphical analysis. Thus it is possible to analyze the test at the same time data is being collected, and to terminate the test when the data are sufficient for interpretation. Examples given in the paper demonstrate that the well test can sometimes be shortened by an order of magnitude in this way. The cost saving could therefore easily pay for the computer itself.

The advents of compact and powerful microcomputers, of computerized data acquisition and control, and of automated interpretation software represent major advances in the field of well test analysis.

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