ES100pc is a multi-phase flow pressure drop/systems analysis program designed to run on the IBM XT or AT. It has the capability to perform pressure loss calculations in wellbores, flowlines and pipelines. Inflow performance curve calculations are also available. Pressure loss in flowing or gas lifted wells may be computed. A number of multiphase flow pressure drop correlations are available. The user may select correlations or enter data for the physical properties. Inflow performance curves may be calculated using a variety of correlations.

An input data preprocessor is available to assist the user in building his dataset. This processor allows the user to either create, edit or execute a dataset through a series of prompting messages.

ES100pc is a scaled down version of a mainframe program. Over the past several years the mainframe program has been used by hundreds of engineers within ARCO with good, results. The PC version yields results comparable to the mainframe program while allowing the engineer the autonomy and economy of a micro-computer.

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