Conoco was prompted by the demise of programmable calculators to reevaluate drilling engineering programs used at the rig site. In early 1984, commercial drilling engineering software for field use did not exist for hand-held computers. The decision was made to develop a comprehensive software package in-house which made maximum use of the most powerful hand-held computer then available. The cost in time and money was substantial and changing computer technology was constantly at issue with management. Some twenty members of the headquarters drilling staff organization were involved as subject experts and/or programmers. The approach used was to develop and manufacture three 32K byte custom ROM's in chip form.

Most of the two year project time was consumed in extensive research of engineering reference materials and conversion of subject matter experts from computer illiterates to programmers. An added benefit of program development was an upgrading of our current calculation techniques.

Conoco's Engineered Drilling Rigsite Chip (CEDRIC) is a unique, useful working and learning tool. Designed for drilling foremen and engineers, it encompasses field applications of traditional drilling engineering calculations including such diverse programs as optimum hydraulics, casing design check, leakoff test analysis with corrections, cement slurry design check, directional survey projection, and well control with bubble expansion. This paper outlines the history of the CEDRIC project and offers suggestions for anyone contemplating a similar computer adventure.

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