A daily reporting system for drilling operations is a relatively recent focus of emphasis for the drilling industry. While many of the major (or very large) operators have had drilling operations data bases for many years, it has only been with the development of the microcomputer as a viable and cost-effective tool for either the individual engineer or the smaller operator that a drilling data base concept has been more widely accepted and requested. With the markedly increased availability of software development tools for the microcomputer, the concept of developing a generic, i.e. commercial reporting system becomes very attractive. This paper will discuss some of the considerations for the design of a commercial reporting system. The problems and/or successes involved with the actual usage of the software will also be discussed.

One of the major goals for any commercial software package is the maintenance of a high level of application to a wide range of users. One way in which this goal can be accomplished is through careful design and implementation of the application. Design steps must be identified and followed in order that as many areas of interest are covered as is possible. The following lists some of some of the questions which should be considered as the design progresses.

  • Who are the users of the package?

  • What will be their "style" of usage?

  • What reporting requirements do these users already have and what reporting requirements can be foreseen?

  • What kind of input "forms" are currently available?

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