Have you ever worked on a prospect that all you needed to finish it off wasa mud log or core analysis on that one older well in your cross-section? Or youdrilled your first well in your prospect and needed a full scale offset log tocorrelate with on location? Now you can have access to the largest and uniquecollection of data in the Permian Basin - all under one roof, The MidlandEnergy Library (MEL). This old, new and unique data has not been lost, it hasbeen donated to MEL.

Mission Statement

The Mission of MEL is to collect, preserve, catalog and exhibit scientific, geological and engineering data gathered by the petroleum industry into aworking library for use by industry professionals, educators, students andother members of the interested public.

Rare Specialty Data

MEL has over 1550 DST's and 8570 mud logs in Texas, over 350 DST's and 2400mud logs in NM and over 6750 core reports in Texas and NM and over 55,000sample logs. One to 4000 ownership map spotted weekly with new wells from PIweekly reports. Gravity and Magnetic maps, velocity surveys, dipmeters andsynthetics. There are even company donated prospect files that are just waitingto be found and drilled. There are over 550,000 Fusulinid slides withmicroscopes and a petrographic microscope with a camera. The collections arefrom Hollingsworth, Wendell Stewart, Van Howbert, Ed Volger and John M. Cys.Byrums 15 volume set of rules and regulations. There are over 670,000 Texaslarge and small-scale logs and 177,000 NM large and small scale logs. One ofthe best resources is the friendly, helpful staff that knows where everythingis and can quickly help you find what you need or do tech work for you for aminimal charge.

Poster Session

You will not want to miss seeing this poster session. You will get to seesome of this unique data, pictures of where it is stored; books with listingskof the special core, DST, and mud log data sorted by operator or location foryou to look through. If for some reason, you did not make it to the conferenceto see the poster, you will be able to view it onlineat: http://www.texasonline.net/mel/index.htm. However, the best way to learn more about the library is to call in and set anappointment for your personal tour.

Vision Statement

The vision of the library is to become the primary respository and atabasefor scientific, geological and engineering date relating to the United Statesoil and gas industry and to make this data abailable to the public through aworking library. It is further vision that by becoming the databse for theUnited States oil and gas industry, the library can assist the City of Midlandin achieving its goal of becoming the headquarters city for the independentsegment in the United States oil and gas industry.

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