Although High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lined tubing has been used regularly as a corrosion barrier to protect tubing in water injection applications, it has had limited application as a corrosion/wear barrier in rod pumped wells. With a goal of reducing well failures due to rod/tubing wear and internal tubing corrosion, polyethylene lined (poly-lined) tubing was installed in 17 rod pumped wells in the McElroy Field in Crane, Texas. It was assumed that the liners would provide sufficient reductions in friction between the rods and tubing to reduce wear, and that the sealed system would further reduce failures due to corrosion on the tubing strings. The pilot test shows that the wells equipped with the polyethylene liners have outperformed their previous failure histories. Overall the average runtime without an internal wear/corrosion related failure to the tubing and without a wear related failure to the rods has increased approximately 400% among the subject wells. Runtime including all failures has increased over 300%. In addition the system has demonstrated that used tubing can effectively be used in a field where traditionally new tubing had been purchased to extend run times. In those cases where artificial lift designs were not changed after the poly-lined tubing was installed, there was a measurable reduction in the Polished Rod Load Range, Balanced Torque and minimum stresses in the bottom of the rod string. Overall average failure ratio for the pilot wells has declined dramatically from 4.3 to.59.

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