Several strategies have been employed in Wagner & Brown's Conger field of over 500 beam-pumped wells to reduce electrical power bills. The first involved a decision, early in development, to deliver the highest practical voltage to each wellsite. Later, as well count reached into the hundreds, full understanding of the distribution system, its power flow and line losses, required computer modeling of a combined electrical system that was previously metered by two separate primary meters. That modeling brought about elimination of power factor penalties and reduction of IOR power losses by optimum placement of capacitors.

By coordinating the system protection devices such as primary fuses and upstream reclosers, the system reliability was improved and the production downtime was reduced.

Placement of a digital PME with memory and computer download capability allowing scrutiny of field power usage in 15 minute increments led to overall power demand (KW) leveling and reduction of peak demand through installation of digital pump-time clocks. Current utility deregulation promises significant cost reductions for users flexible enough to alter or otherwise control the way in which they consume electricity.

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