The installation of an $18.4 million waterflood expansion project in Phillips' Goldsmith Andector Unit (Gandu) was completed in ten months and within ten percent of original cost estimates. A multi-disciplined team effort was used throughout the project, from the earliest design and planning stages throughfinal equipment installation. The project included the drilling and completion of24 infill producing wells; conversion of 28 existing producers to water injection; construction of a fully automated, 35,000 barrels of water per day injection station and 11.5 miles of injection line.

The project design stage lasted more than a year and involved regular meetings ofthe Gandu Waterflood Expansion Premise Team. Team members represented a variety of disciplines and areas of responsibility. The project was then passed to an implementation team with similar diversity. The participation and input of all groupswas solicited and utilized throughout the development and implementation of the project.

The construction of a $1.2 million water station was completed in four months and within the original cost estimate. The identification and procurement of critical path items was essential for the timely installation of this facility.Another factor contributing to quick construction time was the development of detailed construction drawings. The team identified significant difficulties encountered in past projects that were due to poor communication between facilities and electrical construction groups. The installation of five miles of electrical conduit necessary to automate the water station had to be effectively integrated into the construction process, rather than worked in as an afterthought. The electrical group was provided with piping schematics early in the design process, which enabled the planning of ditching and conduit routing before construction ever began. The finalized drawings made possible the coordination of two construction groups and the quick installation of a complex facility.

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