In this paper, the naturally fractured Spraberry Trend Area reservoirs have been characterized with emphasis on identification of oil-bearing silt and sands based on core-log correlation. Integration of extensive geological, geophysical and petrophysical data into a modem shaly-sand log interpretation model has been made in this study to characterize the Spraberry Trend properly. Quantitative cut-off criteria based on core-log correlation was developed which allows log based identification of thin oil-bearing intervals suitable for hydraulic fracture treatment. The Archie parameters (a, m and n) have been derived from core data to improve log-derived water saturation. Corederived porosity and water saturation have been compared with log-derived values for the purpose of quantitative identification of oil-bearing intervals. The results from this investigation provide recommendations for logging suites that will allow a better description of thin pay sands which characterize the Spraberry Trend throughout the Midland Basin. The methodology developed may be used primarily to understand the areal extent and pinch-off of productive intervals and the water saturation within the pay intervals. We believe this technique to be one of the ingredients required to understand the controlling parameter of fracture intensity within the pay zones (i.e. bed thickness, curvature etc).

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