A model for prediction of the formation damage by rock, fluid, and panicle interactions in the porous formation around hydraulically fractured horizontal wellbores considering the effect of the wellbore hydraulics and filtercake is presented. The processes governing the various formation damage mechanisms and the filtercake are represented by the models developed by Civan et al. The wellbore hydraulics model by Sharma. et al is incorporated into the model to take into account for the effect of the wellbore fluid pressure variation on formation damage. The fluid hydraulics in the fractures are represented by extending and modifying the approach by Barree and Conway. For simplification purposes, the two-phase flow through porous media is described by facilitating a unit end-point mobility ratio formulation following Craig, Collins, and Dake. The well, fracture, and reservoir hydraulics are coupled by imposing the well and fracture pressure equations as the boundary conditions for the reservoir by extending the approach by Soliman for the three dimensional case. This model is applied for mud invasion into the near wellbore formation from a hydraulically fractured horizontal well.

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