Two fields, Ozona (Canyon) and Sawyer (Canyon), with more than 4,000 total wells, contain the majority of wells in the Canyon Sand trend of Crockett, Edwards, Schleicher and Sutton Counties in Southwest Texas. Average ultimate recovery for the fields decreased from 1,100 MMCF/well for wells drilled in 1970 to 400 MMCF/well for wells drilled in 1985, then remarkably reversed the trend. Recently drilled wells (since 1991) are expected to recover an average 625 MMCF. Initial monthly production decreased from 15,000 mcf/month to 5,000 mcf/month in 1985 and then increased to the present 12,000 mcf/month. Average first year wellhead pressure continued to decrease throughout the 25 years studied to a present 1300 psig in Ozona and 700 psig in Sawyer. The data suggest that drainage interference began to be a factor in about 1985 in the more densely developed areas. Although the average well density was about 200 acres per well in 1985, the true density in areas of active infill drilling probably approached 120 acres per well. Present average density is 143 acres per well in Ozona Field and 131 acres per well in Sawyer Field, but many leases are developed on density of 80 acres or less.

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