This case history paper presents a method of analyzing fluctuation of sand concentration in a remotely controlled, automated fracturing system. In this case, job data taken from an automated and remotely controlled frac job was input to a computer model to help analysts determine the source of sand concentration fluctuations that occurred during the course of the job. The resultant computer output led the analysts to conclude that fluid agitation was inadequate for mixing 22 pounds of sand per gallon of slick water.

As a result of this successful application, the computer model is being investigated for use during automated frac jobs to provide a constant analysis of several operational criteria so that corrective action may be taken during the course of the job. This would supplement the real-time checks and recommendations already built into the automated fracturing system.

Subject paper presents program features, analytical techniques used, and discussion of other possible applications of this technology.Use of this type of analysis should result in quality improvement in fracture operations.

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