Efficient selection, installation, operation and maintenance of available technology can improve oilfield operations as well as reduce safety hazards. This paper describes a remote data entry system (RDES) for production accounting which improves both safety and efficiency.

Self imposed restrictions and those prescribed by governmental groups make the simple act of gauging a stock tank a difficult activity for an oil producer. To combat the hazards of hydrogen sulfide, the buddy system and/or extensive use of breathing equipment is required. This is not cost effective in the present day of low product prices and high labor costs. The subject method is predicated on ground level gauging (GLG) to reduce personnel exposure to hydrogen sulfide and slips, trips and falls as a result of climbing tank stairways and/or ladders, often in inclement weather.

The system outlined in the paper complements and extends others being used (ref 1) in that it is an integrated data gathering and computational system.

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