The use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) – Satellite (SAT) systems in the petroleum industry is becoming more valuable and more widely applied every day. This paper presents an overall description of the technology employed, the hardware and software required, and the utilization of the SCADA-SAT system in well testing operations using variable speed drives and electric submersible pumps. Case histories are presented to show the type of data collected and how this data is useful in aiding well operators to properly select the correct type of artificial lift needed to properly and efficiently produce the well. The procedures needed to set up the system, establish communications, and debug hardware and software are presented. Charts, tables, and graphs are shown to illustrate the type of data generated and processed. Interaction between the central unit at the office and the field units will be described to show the functions and operations of each. Finally the benefits and drawbacks of the SCADA-SAT systems will be discussed and evaluated. The paper will conclude with descriptions of the features, functions, and benefits of using SCADA-SAT systems in conjunction with well testing operations utilizing variable speed drives and electric submersible pumping systems.

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