Beam pump systems are among the most cost efficient artificial lift systems in the industry, assuming a long run time between pulling jobs to repair tubing failures caused by rod wear. The tubing string represents the second largest investment in the well. Tlie longer the period of time the well can be kept on-line and producing between pulling jobs, the more efficient and cost effective is the beam pump system.

This paper will describe in detail the conception, development and implementation of a new system that extends tubing life on rod punped wells. The system Lises a very simple concept; rotate the tubing string to extend the length of time between tubing failures and the resultant pulling jobs. The system is pcwered directly from the walking beam and requires no additional power source; nor does the system use any additional energy.

Case histories will be presented that document the effectiveness of the system in extending tubing life and reducing operating costs on rod pumped wells. Data will be presented which shews the system can be effective in reducing problems caused by paraffin build-up, resulting in extended pumping time and additional savings in operating expenses.

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