A three dimensional conditional simulation model, integrating a comprehensive data base coupled with engineering, geological, and petrological studies, has significantly enhanced reservoir management capabilities in the Schneider (Buda) Field. Presented are the results of a series of conditional simulations of the Schneider (Buda) Field. The Schneider (Buda) Field is developed in a Buda reef complex. Porosity types change significantly between reservoir facies. A three dimensional conditional simula-tion generated using only well control points did not adequately characterize the reservoir. An intermediate two dimensional conditional simulation using additional assumptions was then generated to refine and control the final three dimensional conditional simulation. The resulting three dimensional conditional simulation delin-eates permeability distributions that better: 1) represent the calculated heterogeneity, 2) match the available core data, and 3) model the geologic characterization, including the defined facies. The resulting distributions have been applied to a three dimensional fluid flow simulation to better predict fluid movement through the reservoir.

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