Formation pressure transient analysis techniques are generally applied some time period after data acquisition. However, post test transient analysis, such as pressure buildup, is counter-productive in non-flowing wells. The well may be shut-in for either too long or too short a period to meet the objectives of such a test. Under these circumstances, production could be sacrificed needlessly.

Such constraints can be virtually eliminated with the use of a well-site analysis system described here. The system uses commercial microprocessors to readily record and process all the available logging information. With this downhole information accessible during well test data acquisition, it is no longer necessary to limit the scope of real-time pressure transient analysis to only time and pressure parameters.

The Real-Time Pressure Transient Analysis (REALITY) system utilizes principally analytical techniques, such as Ramey and Agarwal type curves; linear, spherical, and radial flow models; and a p2 gas model. Fast, user-friendly, and flexible plotting routines allow for quick analysis of massive amounts of data. The use of interactive full-color CRT graphics for both parameter input and plot output increases the accuracy of the analysis and the quality of the data presentation.

The basic philosophy and conceptual considerations for the complete hardware and software system are reviewed. Processing flow charts and pertinent mathematical algorithms are presented as well as a field case example.

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