The rapid growth of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and/or Nitrogen (N2) Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects has resulted in the need for efficient low cost rejection technology. This is particularly true if the Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide is produced with a natural gas that has an existing market. Basic rejection cycles are described and compared. Key process and mechanical design considerations, especially those unique to Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, are emphasized.

The Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen content in the produced gas increases with time over the life of a project, so the rejection equipment must perform satisfactorily over a broad range of feed compositions. Recycling the rejected Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen is a cheaper source of injection gas than its original source. A rejection unit can be designed as an add-on unit to existing natural gas processing facilities in which much of the stabilization, pre-treatment, and liquid recovery already exists.

A sample application for nitrogen rejection is presented including process performance and simple economics for a "typical" case.

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