South Wasson Clear Fork field produces from two reservoirs, the middle Clear Fork, with a seal located within the upper Clear Fork Formation, and the lower Clear Fork, with a seal located in the Tubb Formation. Six sequences have been defined on the basis of facies succession, seismic interpretation, and outcrop analog studies in Apache Canyon, Sierra Diablo Mountains, West Texas. Rock-fabric/petrophysical studies have shown that a single porosity-permeability transform and porosity-saturation-capillary-pressure model can be used to calculate permeability and water saturation in uncored wells. Five rock fabrics have been described, and all plot in the petrophysical class 1 field. This surprising result is related to the presence of large volumes of poikilotopic anhydrite, which reduces porosity but has little effect on pore size or perme-ability. Permeability values calculated from porosity logs are distributed in the interwell environment within a high-frequency-cycle (HFC) stratigraphic framework. Analog outcrop studies demonstrate that the Clear Fork Formation can be characterized by upward shallowing (HFC’s). Identifying HFC’s, however, is made difficult because of the high uranium content of the Clear Fork and the lack of a relationship between water saturation and rock fabric. A statistical relationship between porosity and rock fabric is developed, however, that allows porosity to be used as a surrogate for rock fabric, and vertical increases in porosity are interpreted as mud-dominated to grain-dominated fabric successions and used to define HFC’s. The HFC’s are divided into two rock-fabric flow layers, an upper, grain-dominated and a lower, mud-dominated layer, in order to preserve high-and low-permeability intervals. Permeability data from the outcrop analog in Apache Canyon are used to demonstrate that the vertical variability seen in the log calculations within the rock-fabric flow units does not represent permeable strata but is statistical variability at a near-random scale.

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