Ras Budran field is a massive Nubian sandstone reservoir compartmentalized by major faults acting as partial barriers. Vertical communication is impeded by hydraulically sealing shale layers in the development of three main pressure regimes. A combined water injection and aquifer support the pressure. Pre-mature water breakthrough has been occurred in the middle of oil leg, which in turn limit the corrective action of the isolation of the watered out zones.

3D- geological and reservoir simulation model was constructed, based upon new reservoir characterization with the objective of improving the vertical definitions within the reservoir. The reservoir properties generated by deterministic interpretation for the new micro-zones.

This paper presents the approach taken to match 17 years of production data in particular, via aquifer definition and fault communication.

The history-matched model was then used to confidently check the production and injection well pattern and performance. The matched model then used to investigate the viability of infill wells to improve drainage pattern and sweep efficiency meanwhile increasing ultimate recovery.

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