To prevent gas wells from load-up, it is necessary to study the cause of load-up and condition for liquids to accumulate in wellbore. The paper adopts the view that the liquids droplets entrained in gas wells tend to be flat shape and deduce new formulae for continuous removal liquid from gas wells. The results calculated from the formulae are smaller than that of conventional Turner's. However, the predicted results accord with practical situation of gas wells in China gas fields. In addition, for the easier application purpose, the paper put forward simple formulae from the deduced formulae under analyzing different factors affecting removal liquids from gas wells. The model explains why many gas wells produce without load-up when the producing rate is by far smaller than that of Turner's minimum producing rate. In order to help engineer working in gas fields judge load-up effluence on gas well production, the paper analyzes the production performance of load-up and near load-up as well as unloading gas wells through wellhead producing performance figures.

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