This study investigates the effect of horizontal wellbore hydraulics on the early time dynamic behavior of horizontal wells. A finite conductivity model has been developed to couple infinite-conductivity horizontal well model based on uniform flux solution and finite conductivity wellbore hydraulic model.

A sensitivity study is presented to show:

  1. The effect of horizontal well conductivity on production distribution along the wellbore at different time-steps, including early time radial flow, intermediate time linear flow and late time radial flow.

  2. The effect of wellbore length on the magnitude of wellbore-pressure drop under different values of Horizontal Well Conductivity, CHD, and Reynolds number, NRe.

  3. The effect of pipe roughness, Rp.

  4. The effect Reynolds number at the downstream end of the well, NRe.

The new finite conductivity model is evaluated by setting a computer programs using Mathlab programming. The programs can include any friction factor correlation and production scheme.

Type curves, of dimensionless pressure and pressure derivative versus dimensionless time, are obtained for different values of horizontal well conductivity and Reynolds number. These sets of curve can be used for type curve matching techniques.

Correlations of the additional pressure drop due to finite conductivity solution over infinite conductivity solution, ΔPD(tD), are presented for different values of dimensionless well length, LD, horizontal well dimensionless conductivity, CHD, Reynolds number, Re, and pipe roughness, Rp.

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