In heterogeneous reservoirs like Hassi Messaoud, the exact interwell location of each reservoir sandstone body can not be in most cases easily located, and the potential of drilling unsuccessful production wells is usually present. In this situation a reservoir characterization model with usable uncertainties is needed.

Conventional modeling techniques fail to quantify heterogeneities in lateral direction, however horiontal well data appear to compensate for this lack of information, providing some knowledge about variability of reservoir parameters, using data recorded along the horizontal drainhole of horizontal wells, hence providing adequate measurements of reservoir properties in the interwell locations.

In this study a petrophysical model was generated for the north east area of Hassi Messaoud field comprising four horizontal wells. The generated models of porosity permeability and shale distribution were in agreement with Hassi Messaoud braided fluvial depositional model. The facies lateral variations have confirmed the nonuniform depletion throughout this sector of the field, which has led to its zonation.

Once the reservoir characterization was complete, the generated model was validated using a full-field model of North East area`, that involves history match of each well individually.

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