Traditionally, operators have had limited options for conducting remedial work on lateral re-entries through milled-casing windows. This limitation is due to the necessity of using a "bent joint" of pipe to guide tools through the window. If a bent joint of pipe cannot be attached to the end of the assembly (e.g. a drilling assembly), a whipstock is required to deflect the assembly out the window. Setting a conventional whipstock requires the use of orienting tools that add significantly to the wellcost.

This paper describes the world's first applications of unique technology that helps solve these problems by facilitating the exiting of milled-casing windows with service tool assemblies during remedial operations. The system uses the patent-pending "self-locating" lateral re-entry technology as an integral component of the Lateral Re-entry Whipstock to assure the proper orientation and elevation of the whipstock tool face with the casing exit window.

The technology described in this paper has bearing on TAML Level II 1 junction re-entry operations for clean out, production enhancement, increased reservoir drainage, zonal isolation, and re-completion of lateral wellbores in multilateral completions.

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