The PVT properties of reservoir fluids, which include saturation pressure, gas oil ratio, volume factor, viscosity, and compressibility, are key parameters to a series of calculations such as reserve and production, in which saturation pressure is more important in oil field development. The main method to determine the saturation pressure is from bottomhole sampling data.

This paper attempts to develop a method to predict the saturation pressure based on the information from wellhead sampling. The method presented in this paper is first to exploit the combination relation of the fluid specific gravity and gas-oil ratio, then calculate saturation pressure and plot the relationship curve. The accuracy of the saturation pressure predicted by the method has been found very good.

The method introduced in the paper can solve some problems that saturation pressure can not be determined because samples are not available, it reduces the possibility of production reduction because of sampling. It can reduce the amounts of samples from deep wells, which can lower costs.

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