A new tool in the industry may offer hope in regaining production from wells hindered by skin damage. A flexible drill string known as the Flex Tool was designed to drill a new well bore from vertical in order to get beyond the immediate perimeter of the well bore into new virgin territory. It can be run directly on the end of a work over string, without a motor, drilling a new well bore away from a kick off point adjacent to the pay at a slant approximately 15 feet from the vertical well bore allowing a new hole possibly horizontal into the target formation. If formation potential exist in this new well bore now beyond shallow well bore damage, it could offer hope for increased or regained production.

With economics in mind, this tool was designed to drill a short radius curvature for an operator seeking affordable alternatives to work over solutions. The ability to obtain a horizontal hole by an affordable means affordable makes the benefit to cost ratio extremely promising in some cases. This definitely put this tool on the list for the new millennium. this country has many older wells in need of work over solution to maintaining or regain production potential. An adjacent slant or horizontal well bore may be a great solution to overcoming the problems of abandonment. An experimental job near Graham, Texas will be discussed.

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