Hydraulic frac, over the last few decades has significantly changed conventional and unconventional resource portfolio. The modern advancement and effective customized use of the technology have done fortune to what was non-producible & non-recoverable hydrocarbon resource. Global industry wide learning curve of hydraulic frac is at a mature stage. However, local industry is still emerging in terms of large-scale application of hydraulic fracturing as stimulation technique.

The early attempts of fracturing in early 90's revealed significant operation challenges due to limited handle around the regional tectonics and after few attempts the formation was deemed to be un-frackable. As part of UEP innovative Technology deployment portfolio, the subject was revisited and through continuous improvement process, significant breakthrough in hydraulic frac technology has been realized.

The paper presents a summary of UEP journey in developing hydraulic frac technology over the years. It summarizes the challenges faced in designing/modelling, execution of treatments and their functional dependence on critical controls ranging from regional tectonic settings to rock/reservoir intrinsic properties. The case studies explain methodologies adopted to unleash tight gas potential, establish tight oil potential, resolve deliverability, and sand production challenges through successful deployment of hydraulic frac activity.

This breakthrough in technology deployment has created a line of sight to exploit and unlock significant contingent resources in UEPL portfolio. The organization is now ready to extend the appraisal activities to a full deployment stage.

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