With the tremendous increase in Plug and Abandonment activities globally, Oil and Gas E&P Companies are opting strategic approach for P&A as per industry regulations and standards. Plug and abandonment of well having integrity issues, typically contributes to 15% - 25% of the cost of drilling exploration well. MOL Pakistan has recently performed an extensive P&A campaign where numerous challenges were encountered. Since, every well is unique, so are the challenges associated with it. This paper discusses the challenges encountered in the P&A of wells along with the methodology and approach to counter the same, optimization of subsequent operations, journey through technological transformation over time in P&A projects and delivering cost effective P&A projects. Most P&A jobs performed, involved restricted accessibility to the wellbore due to broken tubing and completion assemblies in depleted reservoirs with limited information about sand-face and reservoir pressures requiring complex well killing operation and managing/addressing sustained casing pressures (SCP) in multiple annuli.

To achieve excellence in P&A projects delivery and optimising time and cost, systematic methodology was adopted where special emphasis was made on in house expertise development, establishing combined task force with service providers involving their regional teams, discussing problems and lessons learnt with industry P&A experts and finding optimum tools and technology. Communication and reporting being a very important tool in the process, it was ensured that during execution of project, daily meeting, weekly operations forecast, and risk assessment meetings are conducted regularly between field and office operations team to discuss and optimize upcoming operations

As a result successful operations were performed in complex P&A wells involving: retrieval of broken completion strings, retrieval of casing strings based on URS/CBL-VDL recorded in double casing, optimising number of cement plugs while complying to industry standards and requirements; retrieval of casing slips from well head with casing cemented to surface, successfully performing 1st ever application of 13 3/8″ casing pilot milling from the surface in asia pacific to expose annulus and treat sustained casing pressures in multiple annulus. Consequently, Successful P&A projects were delivered with time and cost reduction up to 40% in 2021 as compared to the first P&A project in 2018 by utilizing rigorous lessons learning process implementation.

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