Over the years, wireline formation testers have been frequently used for evaluation of near wellbore reservoir characteristics using mini-DST technique. Its primary applications are especially in case of tight or laminated layers where conventional testing approach is time consumingin terms of rig time and associated cost. Such evaluation helps client in optimizing their completion strategies. One such successful application of mini DST technique has been in Kandhkot field; which is sub divided into three domes having three reservoirs Sui Main Limestone (SML), Sui Upper Limestone (SUL) and Habib Rahi Limestone (HRL). Formation evaluation which included core analysis and open hole logs; was carried out in surrounding wells encountering SUL and it showed relatively less porosity and permeability in West dome (Φ=8-12% and K=0.1–1.68mD). Testing on two wells confirmed gas presence but its potential could not be established due to low rates. To address this challenge, wireline formation testing technique with straddle packers was opted in a well KDT X, encountering SUL formation. By successful utilization of Mini DST, Operator managed to evaluate critical reservoir parameters for characterization of all individual layers, which helped in better reserves estimates and reservoir modeling.

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