The operation of bypassing the existing borehole by placing a kick off cement plug has historically been very well established and long-standing technique. Although placement of a cement plug appears to be a routine and relatively simple job, the instances of kick off plug not fulfilling the desired purpose are quite frequent requiring same degree of planning as primary cement jobs. Traditional cement slurry systems for sidetracking have been focused on the development of compressive strength by reduced water content. These cements exhibit low resistance to impact and toughness requiring multiple attempts to side track the well. An industry average for kick-off plugs is 2.4 attempts per kick-off, with 24 hours rig time associated with each attempt.

This paper describes the engineered slurry system that incorporates unique properties of higher impact resistance, fracture toughness and load bearing capacity which resulted in slow ROP and sidetrack in 1stattempt. The main conclusion will be supported by case study at the end of paper.

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