Dealing with mature fields in a period of low oil price, companies have focused their activity on intensive rig-less campaigns aimed at increasing fields’ recovery factors and production. Aging of the fields together with pressure decline and onset of water production has added the complexity of scale deposition in numerous wells. Scale can deposit at any location that is in contact with water, such as in the reservoir, well bore, tubing, top side and processing facilities and cause production decline and flow restriction if not properly controlled. This paper will be dedicated to show the selection of the right subsurface intervention technique and the prevention of scales re-occurrence has been wisely decided based on scale management approach which covers scale prediction and prevention techniques.

Conventionally, scale is controlled by the use of chemical inhibitors either by squeeze treatment into the reservoir or continuous / batch injection into the well. ‘’Prevention is better than cure’’ is the right motto for preventing re-occurrence of scale. Successful experience gained through the application of some new scales inhibition techniques was the key to implementing these preventive methods on different wells in operated and non-operated fields.

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