Hydraulic fracturing is the technique which is key to success in developing Shale/ Tight Reservoirs. Hydraulic frac job cost is a challenge which sometime is more than the actual drilling cost while 70% of that pertains to the products (i.e. Fluid, proppant etc). Major components of frac fluid consist of Guar while proppant consist of sand/ synthetic sand. Pakistan is one of the guar gum producer country in the world along with long coastal area with abundant sands, covering the wide range of stresses. So far, no research has been undertaken to make this technique economical therefore, utility of indigenous resources needs to be explored. Cost optimization of this technique using indigenous resources will help in untapping these resources at booming economy, helping in saving petrodollars and in the meantime generating a huge volume of economic activity in the country.

This paper describes the need for researching on indigenously developed frac fluid and sand used as proppant to improve well productivity.

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