The importance of improving the drilling performance in an E&P company cannot be under estimated as it directly impacts the overall cost of the project. The objective of drilling and well engineering management system is to address the technical and organizational aspects of Drilling operations and deliver the wells in safe and cost effective manner. The different tools that are the vital part of the Drilling and well engineering management system include gates review process for well delivery; section-wise after action review, lesson learned tracking system and non-productive time(NPT) tracking system for continuous improvement from the previous wells. Tools for knowledge and data management and analysis (including technical limits& field specific KPIs) and their input for the upcoming wells is also the part of the system. A cross deliberation, peer review process and auditing system is in place in the process for the compliance check.

Notable impacts of the Drilling well engineering management system include rigorous well examination during the gates review process, enhanced risk assessments of various aspects of well planning. The system provides accurate and detailed monitoring of the drilling operations through various tools during the execution phase.

Within one year of its implementation, the operator was able to improve the drilling performance by achieving huge benchmarks in exploratory and development prospects across the entire operated blocks. In some of the fields, where the drilling activity is progress for more than 50 years; the implementation of the management system provided around 100 to 150 % decrease in drilling time and cost in the benchmark wells. This paper includes the results from one of the major challenging fields; Adhi field in which subject changes were implemented successfully.

This paper provides an overview of the management system, its implementation in the organization and outcomes and benefits achieved in the drilling efficiency through the system.

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