Developing prolific gas reservoirs in an optimized manner has always been a challenge. The situation becomes more complicated when production tubing size is to be optimized for wells completed in water-drive gas reservoirs. In such reservoir, after breakthrough it is normally preferred to reduce the completion size for prolonged well life under natural flow. However, in this study, analysis has been accomplished on a gas well completed in a prolific reservoir under water drive mechanism, which showed better performance with bigger completion size in both early and later (after water breakthrough) stages of the well completed in a high productivity reservoirs. This has a positive impact on completion strategy of such gas reservoirs. This study negates the usual concept of reducing the tubing size to sustain gas production after water breakthrough in prolific water drive gas reservoirs. Further, this work also highlights the benefits of using bigger completion size in gas wells under natural flow completed in prolific homogeneous reservoir. This analysis could benefit the petroleum community in the similar cases, in future.

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