There is need to compare mandatory requirements and expectations in Health, Safety and Environment compliance to set priority for the upstream oil industry of Pakistan address both issues equally. Expectations of regulators in environment compliance are far above than in health and safety. Matter to be discussed in detail and suggestions made to treat both issues fairly with due attention paid to both.

Meanings, concept, perception, and scope of Health, Safety & Environment need to be described in detail for the understanding of audience.

Study will also cover if regulators in Safety & Environment field act as Policemen or facilitators and if they have practical or operational/process knowledge about the industry to facilitate the industry.

Violation of safety rules might have serious consequences which may results in to loss of lives, disabilities, human sufferings, asset losses where companies may go out of business. Companies may not go out of business due to violation of environmental rules. It is strange that more attention is being paid to environment.

Mines Act 1923 governs the upstream oil industry in Pakistan through safety regulations 1974 which have gone outdated. Environmental laws and regulations in Pakistan are up to date and compatible with international standards. There is need to update safety regulations to cope with technological changes.

Doctoral level programs are being offered in environment field in Pakistan. Government also gives foreign scholarships in this area. Safety is not being taught in universities in Pakistan. Scholarship not found offered in safety. Certificate level programs however are being offered at low profile.

Competence, resourcefulness and authority of regulators also differs in safety and environment fields. Job opportunities are more in environment than in safety. Consultants are available in the field of environment and rewarded more than in safety.

Role of multinational oil companies, NGOs, PPEPCA and SPE shall be highlighted in promoting and developing HSE culture in Pakistan. Suggestions shall be made to strengthen safety related institutions.

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