Mostly the wildcat wells are dry and extravagant, hence requires an ultimate solution during exploration. In order to overcome this issue, micro-hole drilling technology is highly result oriented technique these days. In this technique, the drilling holes with diameter ranges between 1.36" to 2.00" inches achieve the depth of 700ft using coiled tubing, drilling rig unit and micro-hole instruments.

This paper covers the definitive elucidation to make the whole process leaving less environmental foot prints and hit the depth upto 5000ft economically. This could be achieved by introducing micro sized casings by means of micro instrumentation and coiled tubing unit along with the provision of low cost, exploratory wells in reducing material, intensive labor and supporting equipments.

An integrated digital model of well bore has been developed using drilling calculator using the parameters of Sindh province lithology. The results were analyzed to investigate the influence of this technology, by comparing cost and depth graphs. It is elucidated that this technique is more environmental friendly and promising in terms of minimum cost of exploration.

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