Economics changed dramatically in the last quarter of 2008 affecting investment decisions on major E&P activities. In this challenging economic climate, operators realize the value of maximizing production and recovery by employing production enhancement technologies developed and matured through the years. This paper signifies one of the most imperative and efficient methods of achieving this goal with a nominal amount of Capital investment.

Jet pumping technologies have been applied at home for more than 20 years, and also possess a very distinctive advantage comparing with other types of lift. It has no moveable parts and depends only upon the energy transformation between the power fluid and the well fluid to lift it to the surface. Moreover, with the passage of time, many new methods and designs of Jet Pumps have also been developed to enhance the production further from existing wells.

The aim of this paper is to illustrate the optimization of a variety of Operational considerations and surface parameters, for maximizing the productivity of a field through Jet Pumping systems. These include vessel pressure, injection parameters & effect of flow restrictions, Horse-Power requirement and the Nozzle-throat combination required for an efficient jet pump operation based on the true potential of the reservoir.

This paper also includes several optimized Jet Pump designs & surface considerations that can further contribute to production enhancement of a mature producing oil field. It involves the matching of jet pump performance curves with PI/IPR of the well, evaluation of the pump design using JEMS and the Gains attained in different wells with the least amount of effort, along with all the lessons learnt for further improvements in detail.

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