This research work "Improvement of Cementing in Deep Wells" was carried out with the collaboration of Mari Gas Company Limited (MGCL), Pakistan and Schlumberger Pakistan, to recommend the designs and practices by which future cementing operations for zonal isolation in deep Wells may be improved.

Mari Gas Company Limited had successfully drilled, tested and completed Halini Well - 1 (Total Depth = 5350 m) in the Karak Block. The Karak Block is located in Northern Region of Pakistan which is known for its challenges, such as high pressure water influxes and weak zones, which led to a number of cementing challenges in this Well. The Cementing related problems that were faced on this Well were:

  • 1-

    Sustained Casing Annulus Pressure in 13 3/8" × 9 5/8" Casing Annulus

  • 2-

    Poor CBL-VDL results in 13 3/8" and 9 5/8" Casing

The scope of the project was to investigate the root cause of cementing challenges faced at Halini Well-1 and to propose recommendations for improving future cementing in deep Wells.

In regards to the above, the cementing of Halini Well- 1 was thoroughly analyzed along with similar case histories and problems in offset fields. On the basis of observations made, various recommendations have been proposed, mostly related to areas of fluid rheology, fluid contamination, fluid channeling, density and friction pressure hierarchy between fluids, fluid loss, temperature differential, and setting of casing slips etc. The idea for this project is to serve as a guideline for cementing the future deep Wells.

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