Pakistan's production to date is characterized by large oil and gas reservoirs undergoing natural depletion with the help of strong natural aquifer drives. In a few fields, natural aquifer support is supplemented by pattern or peripheral water flood. However, there has been no systematic attempt to define the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) potential within the country.

This study is an attempt to extrapolate the potential lies in Pakistani reservoir using Enhanced Oil Recovery methods. This study revisits the screening criteria for the selection of Enhanced Oil Recovery method published by several authors. This study also defines the methodology to screen the Enhanced Oil Recovery method for particular reservoir. Screening criteria is then applied to Pakistani reservoirs. The approach has been integrated into the software in order to make repetitive analysis in an easy way. Finally, after the best selection of Enhanced Oil Recovery Method, the future directions are set and cost analysis is shown in order to proceed the project. The methods considered in this analysis were: water injection, Water alternating Gas injection (miscible and immiscible), polymer, and surfactant – polymer, steam (cyclic and continuous).

This study helps to select the optimum Enhanced Oil Recovery method to improve the recovery factor in a quick and efficient way. This is beneficial for the companies that are planning to initiate Enhanced Oil Recovery Project.

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