OMV (Pakistan) Exploration G.m.b.H being a performance driven organization has always been keen to improve and optimize its performance by the applications of state of the art technologies.

The company operates 5 blocks in the middle Indus basin of Pakistan and is engaged in the drilling of HT gas wells. Core jamming in loose and inter-bedded reservoir pay zones has been a frequent occurrence in the wells drilled in these blocks which motivated the drilling team to seek new and advanced techniques to prevent it from happening.

The purpose of this paper is to share the experience of using Anti-Jam Coring System in high temperature gas fields of Pakistan. The main advantage of the system is to save trips and the provision to make up to three attempts in a single run in case jamming occurs while cutting the core. The paper discusses the experience of using this system for the first time for cutting core in exploratory (two) and development (one) wells. On the basis of offset wells, the use of such system was evaluated and then applied successfully to cut core in the in the reservoir sands. Upon recovering core on surface, it was found that the core jamming did occur but the coring job continued until the desired length was successfully cut. At the same interval in offset wells, it was possible to cut limited section of core only before jamming stopped any further coring progress.

The use of this system proved its worth as it helped in saving additional trips thereby yielding time and cost benefits to the operator. It is recommended to use in future where similar problems are anticipated.

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