Exploration and exploitation of low permeability gas reservoirs in mature developed field is a challenge. It involves re-evaluation and characterization of reservoir properties of the producing zones. As the field understudy is mature and needs to understand the different pressure regimes and available gas potential in depleted and un-depleted zones before embarking on the exploitation of these low permeability reservoir. In past, development of low permeability reservoir was considered uneconomical due to low flow rate and longer pay out time. However, present gas prices and existence of infrastructure of surface facilities on field shifts the negative economics of low gas flow rates to positive direction. Consequently, any gas flow rates are deemed to be economical and a source of extra revenue.

In this field, both carbonate and sandstone are producing reservoirs. Carbonates are of low permeability reservoir while sandstone is fragile and represent high permeability reservoir. Initially DSTs were conducted in both reservoirs while wells were completed in sand stone reservoir. Due to the fragile nature of the sandstone formation, gravel pack completion was used to avoid sand production. Initially, high permeability sand stone formation was produced. Volumetric and dynamic data was collected and analyzed to determine the undepleted part of the reservoir. The dynamic data indicated that low permeability reservoir has insignificant contribution and needs to be developed. Petrophysical properties of the carbonate reservoir were reviewed; new DST was conducted in the carbonate reservoir. During DST, longer build up was planned for reliable pressure data. After DST analysis, it was observed that it is low permeability reservoir with high skin value and need to be stimulated. Acid stimulation was carried out that have resulted in significant improvement and the well was put on production with sustainable production rate. In this paper, integrated approach of evaluation of geological and dynamic data that have resulted in successful recompletion of wells in low permeability carbonate reservoir will be discussed. The lesson learned from this successful evaluation and production of low permeability reservoir can be used for the exploitation of these reservoirs in the country.

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