A fracturing campaign was carried out in Adhi Gas Condensate Field to improve deliverability from selected low productivity wells, some suspected to be suffering from condensate banking. Tobra interval of Adhi12(T/K), the deepest well in the pop up structure, was hydraulically fractured successfully by placing 133,000 lbs of proppant into the formation. Well flow back was conducted yielding disappointing results contrary to the offset well experiences in the field. Despite extensive and continuous nitrogen lifting, the well produced at minimal liquid rates (50bbl/Day) with very high BS&W (80 - 90%). Polymer (Kill/Frac Fluids) induced fracture/formation damage, calcium carbonate pills (LCM) and deposition of organic scales inducing damage and a possible water block were suspected as likely factors restricting the well potential.

This paper presents the investigative work, planning and implementation of a remedial treatment that helped successfully revive production from Adhi-12(T/K) Tobra, a well which failed to deliver the anticipated post frac potential.

Aromatic Solvents, used in combination with concentrated organic acid and mutual solvents served to create a strong hydrophilic environment in the, now stimulated, critical matrix. Post remedial treatment production from the well resulted in up to 350 BBL/Day of fluids producing at ~60% BS&W. Nature and volume of the high percentage water however proves to be a concern. No Hydrocarbon-Water Contact at the two reservoir levels has yet been encountered in the field.

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