The continuous need in oil & gas industry for technologies and techniques which not only improve the operational quality and efficiency but can also save time and money has resulted in the development of Multi Services Unit (MSU) which provides both wireline and slickline services in a single unit.

Typically, when both wireline and slickline services are required for well intervention operation, separate wireline and slickline unit and personnel are used. Separate arrangement for logistic, personnel accommodations and security are required on top of the daily cost incurred for having both units on the wellsite. Each slickline and wireline unit have applications of its own and even with the latest advances in tools technology, there is limited wireline application that slickline unit can performed and vice-versa. The introduction of MSU will help to reduce the well intervention costs as well as rig time. In addition, the need to use expensive memory logging tools on slickline unit can be avoided as the conventional logging tools can still be used on MSU.

This paper discusses the successful introduction of MSU in Pakistan. MSU was utilized in more than 75 operations in Pakistan with various E&P operators in its first six month. MSU has so far provided both slickline and wireline solutions ranging from slickline completions jobs, memory gauges logging, perforation via slickline/wireline, wireline correlations, wireline bridge plug settings, wireline pipe recovery and production packer setting. All these operations were executed by a single unit and crew. The paper evaluates the cost effectiveness of MSU as opposed to typical use of separate slickline and wireline units. It evaluates additional advantages profited by the E&P operators through the use of MSU such as reduced logistic, accommodation, security requirements, reduced equipment footprints and reduced rig time. The paper also describes conversion process from slickline unit into MSU, the initial complications, continuous improvements and lessons learned made during MSU introduction.

In conclusion, the Multi Services Unit is proven to be an economically attractive solution which helped to reduce well intervention cost without sacrificing the operation quality and safety.

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