A ceramic proppant based chemical delivery system is known to be able to deliver multiyear inhibition of scale with a onetime treatment. The delivery system can be used to replace part of the proppant in frac and frac packs completions, be used as the gravel in gravel packs, or simply as a transport mechanism to place production chemicals in an acid-frac stimulated reservoir.

This chemical delivery system has been recently applied offshore Congo for the first time. Learnings from the implementation of this technology both onshore and offshore in the United States have enabled the product usage to expand internationally. The use of this delivery system has eased the operational challenges seen in offset wells caused by repeated treatment of scale inhibitor. Increased space has been freed on the platform and all interventions for scale control have been eliminated.

Results presented in this paper will include the design of this work for the application in Congo, including infusion and release of the inhibitor from the ceramic carrier and design of the control membrane to achieve the desired protection time. This design work also includes the learnings from multiple other applications that were combined for this new area of implementation, including case histories from other basins.

This paper will be beneficial for production engineers who desire a cost effective solution to deploy production assurance chemicals in a one-time treatment, regardless of well type, resulting in a multi-year solution.

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