The advent of wells with extremely long producing intervals, extended-reach and multilateral wells, typically completed in heterogeneous formations, brings with it challenges regarding completion design to maximize overall production in a sustained manner. Judicious placement of Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) can ensure a more even inflow of fluids along the full length of the interval, delaying water or gas breakthrough and in some cases restricting water production. Such devices also influence the placement of chemical treatments, such as scale-inhibitor "squeeze" treatments, which in turn affects the subsequent treatment lifetimes and efficiency.

This paper presents a new analytical model to explicitly simulate the effect of ICDs on squeeze treatments and, in particular, on treatment placement and consequent lifetimes. The explicit method of modelling ICDs, which is based on Bernoulli's theorem of constricted flow through a pipe, is compared with other implicit phenomenological approaches, such as modelling the effect of an ICD as a damaged region using a dual-permeability model. By this comparison, the relevance of dual permeability modelling for simulating ICDs is presented. The relationship between chemical placement and inhibitor return has been clearly demonstrated in other publications (James et al., 2005, Sorbie et al. 2005). This paper illustrates the additional effects that ICDs bring to the placement challenge, highlighting the key parameters that can influence the zonal injectivity behaviour. The presence of ICDs in the well is shown not only to benefit the well's inflow profile during production but can also favourably influence the outcome of squeeze chemical treatments.

In summary, the paper describes the development of an important new tool to assist in the design of optimum chemical treatment strategies in wells completed with ICDs, without the need to use more complex reservoir simulators for near-wellbore treatment in complex completions.

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